The legumES project offers a strategic suite of fully inclusive multiactor driven approaches which aim to deliver practical methods and tools for monitoring and harmonising the benefits offered by legume crops, legume-based crop rotations, and wild legumes in semi-natural ecosystems.

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LegumES will: ensure the adoption of best practices for legume cultivation; develop and encourage the adoption of novel methods to quantify the environmental and socioeconomic benefits provided by legumes across scales; evidencing options to meet EU targets that combat climate change, reduce pollution, reverse biodiversity loss, and optimise nutrient provisioning.

Our goal

Identify agronomic practices and use of monitoring tools to optimise the environmental and socioeconomic benefits of legumes; and to promote the uptake of legume-based systems across the EU, EU-associated countries, and internationally.

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Actively engage and build capacity amongst farmers, land managers, land-use advisers, students, and other stakeholders involved in legume cultivation and use.

Assess the benefits of legumes in cropped and semi-natural systems, plus associated value chains.

Demonstrate the environmental and socioeconomic potential of legume crops across field, farm, regional, national, EU, and global scales.

Integrated the methodologies and insights into concerted policy solutions that facilitate legume production and use in the EU for sustainable socioeconomic development.